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The Rich Need To Pay Their Bills

Our economic system wasn’t ordained by God, it was created by men. Rich people understand that, you don’t. There’s been a preemptive class warfare against poor people. The reason is so you feel grateful for every morsel of bread you receive. Demand your social safety net like they did. American corporations just had their most profitable quarter ever, while unemployment was unchanged. The reason is that the workers that remained were paid less and were more grateful to get it. Guess what? There’s no such thing as trickle down wealth. The Bush tax cuts of the 2000’s didn’t create jobs, only more wealth for those top 2% of Americans. Deadbeat rich people need to pay their bills. They’ve benefitted most from the American system, as they designed it and make the rules and finance political power. The system works best for the biggest when there’s only two classes of people. The isolated super rich, and the everpresent ignorant poor. You don’t know rich people. If you do, you’re rich. More than likely everyone you know is poor so you look around and see that everyone lives just like you. No reason to complain. You don’t know you live in a shack till someone builds a mansion next door. Until then you live in a “home.” This system is kept intact when poor people don’t vote their interests. Why would they? They’re living the first half of the rags-to-riches-story! It’s sort of like how when you ask someone what they do they always say something like “Well, right now, I shovel garbage behind Burger King but I’m gonna be a singer/novelist/patent attorney/child prodigy..” If unemployment benefits are extended it will be so you can give it back to corporations this Christmas. They don’t give a fuck about you. It just so happens they need people to buy their shit. When you funnel that money to people living on the margins they’ll spend it and it will be injected back into the economy. That’s the only reason Congress would give you a social safety net. It would look bad to hand the money directly to the rich. If they don’t hire more workers don’t buy their shit. Stop being pussies. Also, if you respond with something inane like “all politicians are corrupt”, “Ron Paul..”, or “Obama promised change”, I will rip off your fucking face next time I see you. I am not kidding. I will wear your face on my dick like Hannibal Lecter. Stop being trite and boring.